I made some anti Trump memes.

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I’m gonna keep adding more memes until the 2024 election, so bookmark this page and check back every now and then, to see what’s new.

Does sharing funny memes about Trump make a difference? Yes.

Trump wants to be a dictator because he’s a fascist.

Fascists hate to be mocked, because it destroys the illusion of their power.

Fascist strongmen need to project an illusion of hyper-masculine power. Their entire persona is based on appearing strong. The alpha among alphas. The biggest, baddest predator in the jungle.

His strength and protection is what draws a certain type of beta males to him.

They’re the losers of society. The ones who feel forgotten, left behind. The losers who can’t get a decent job and need someone else to blame. The losers who can’t get a girlfriend because they hate women.

They want to feel better than someone else, to elevate their own sense of self-worth.

People who are attracted to fascist dictators like Trump are the kind of people who fantasize about taking revenge on the people who have “wronged them.”

And if they haven’t been wronged, the fascist dictator makes up some bullshit: “Did you hear what those damn liberals said about your momma?”

That’s why MAGA Nazis love the idea of Trump “making the liberals cry.” It’s all about vengeance for imagined injustices.

Fascist dictators tap into that rage and direct it at a minority. It gives the fascist mob someone to hate, and to blame.

Those fantasies of violent, blood drenched vengeance only work in a fascist dictator’s favor, if he appears to be the apex predator, and the one who can take anyone down, and make the mob’s violent revenge fantasies come true.

He must appear strong enough to punish their perceived enemies.

That’s why Putin likes to pose in the woods, without his shirt on, like Rambo.

Getting emasculated by jokes hits a fascist where it hurts most, because it makes him look weak. Vulnerable to mockery. Unable to punish the blasphemer.

Fascists worship toxic masculinity. They love to follow a strongman leader, because it makes them feel strong by association: “Yeahhh, I’m part of the biggest, baddest gang! I’m a badass now!”

It’s a bit like sports: Fans love when their team wins, because it makes them feel like winners too. And that gives them a dopamine rush.

Fans hate when their team loses, because it makes them feel like losers.

That’s why fascists hate to follow a weak strongman.

No chest-thumping MAGA wannabe-alpha-male wants to feel like a total loser, and the butt of the joke. But many of these betas did, before they discovered Trump, and he made them feel strong.

They love that feeling, and it releases dopamine in their brain.

They’re literally addicted to how Trump makes them feel.

That’s why they behave like cult members and they have a complete meltdown when you mock Trump and diminish his divine dopamine-rush-giving image.

Have you ever tried to take heroin away from a drug addict? They get really mad at you.

That’s what happens in the brain of a fascist MAGA cult member when you make fun of their Messiah who gives them sweet sweet dopamine kicks.

Trump is their drug of choice.

If you want to break the spell that a fascist cult leader like Trump or Putin has over his brainwashed minions, destroy the hyper-masculine “magic aura” of the fascist strongman.

Destroy his ability to give them a dopamine rush.

How? Show that you’re not afraid of him. Disrespect him. Make fun of him.

Relentlessly. Savagely. Emasculate him. Humiliate him. Mock everything about him. Deflate his narcissistic ego. Destroy his delusions of grandeur.

That kind of stuff is like kryptonite to fascists. It really gets under their skin and hits the very core of their sense of self.

And suddenly thinking about Trump doesn’t feel so great anymore. It’s like your sports team is losing again and again and again.

To these betas, seeing their alpha get disrespected and ridiculed is humiliating, because they feel it reflects poorly on their own masculinity. The humiliation is personal to them. They look weak by association with a weak, emasculated leader.

When his balls get cut off, their balls get cut off.

So joke about Trump’s tiny mushroom dick. Make fun of the dead ferret on his head. Laugh about the way his bloated, swollen body tilts forward because he wears high heels. Ridicule his absurd orange clown makeup and his neck vagina.

Fascist dictators hate that stuff, and so do the cult-like mobs of incel losers who worship them.

Suddenly the all-powerful dictator is just a pathetic little man in their eyes, and they finally see him for what he really is. Just another loser, who managed to fool them with his bullshit.

He made them think he’s big and strong and rich, and now it turns out Dementia Donnie is small and old and weak, and a broke ass bitch.

No self-respecting wannabe-alpha-male fascist wants to worship a demented, senile old beta-cuck who shits his pants.

And that’s why they get big mad when you mention Dementia Donnie’s diapers.

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Trump was so upset by Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes, his White House staff asked Disney to censor him:

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By the way, have you noticed that MAGA memes about Trump all look like gay porn?

I think they get off on thinking about Trump. It gives them a dopamine rush. Like a drug does.

I bet they think about Trump while they masturbate. To them it’s like having sex while they’re high.


Anyway, the 2024 election is our last chance to stop fascism in America.

Let’s make sure those of us who like democracy will go vote to protect it and defeat Orange Hitler.

If Trump wins, democracy is gone. And once it’s gone, no one will protect us from him and his bloodthirsty MAGA Nazis.

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