12 things you should know about Russian trolls on Substack, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and Truth Social

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Whistleblowers reveal what it was like to work for a Russian troll farm and spread anti-American & anti-Ukrainian propaganda lies on US social media:

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When you encounter a Russian troll, don’t waste your time arguing with them.

Fascists use lies as a weapon. There is no point debating with liars.

They’ll never admit that you’re right. They know you’re right. If they had the truth on their side, they wouldn’t need to lie.

But they don’t care that you’re right. That’s why they’re lying. It’s all about winning, even if they have to lie and cheat.

I’ve seen a couple of them talk shit about Putin. That seems to be ok, when used as camouflage.

For example, I’ve seen them say things like “I don’t like Trump/Putin either but Biden is a monster!” or “Fuck Trump/Putin but Biden is worse!”

But they can’t say anything bad about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Their job is to push the false narrative that “it’s actually satanic Nato and Nazi Ukraine who are attacking poor innocent Christian Russia. America bad! Biden bad! Russian war of defense good!”

I’ve never seen them deviate from that script. Whenever I ask them for their opinion about Putin’s fascist war of aggression against Ukraine, it shuts them up instantly, because they know that their false propaganda narrative will out them as a Russian troll.

That propaganda narrative is the whole point why they’re here.

It’s sad. I remember how excited I was as a teenager, when the wall came down in Berlin.

They used to say it’s the end of history. Because history is just a list of wars, so when the world is at peace and there’s no more war, there’s no more history.

Angela Merkel bet Germany’s future on friendly cooperation with Russia. She believed that seeing Russia as an eternal enemy will only lead to war, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to shake hands with Russia, trade together, and coexist peacefully as friendly neighbors.

Poland and the Baltic states kept trying to warn the rest of Europe that Putin is a bloodthirsty maniac, but we didn’t want to listen.

Germany basically dismantled their army, because they were so sure there would never be war again, if we integrate Russia as a friendly neighbor. Everyone in Germany wanted peace and friendship with Russia.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, Germany’s army was so unprepared for war, if Russia attacked, Germany would have only had ammo for 2 days of fighting. Literally, only 2 days of ammo.

Nobody in Europe wanted this war. This is entirely Putin’s fault, because he is a bloodthirsty maniac, just like Poland and the Baltic states said.

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Policy expert on Russian TV explains why Russia supports Trump: “Trump is the destroyer. He will start a civil war and destroy America!” – He’s referring to a long term Russian plan to instigate infighting and civil war in America, to destroy the US from the inside.

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