How fascist anti-intellectualism gave us covidiots

Fascists use lies as a weapon.

Fascists use propaganda to brainwash people and make them believe lies.

Propaganda works best on dumb people, because they don’t know when they’re being lied to.

Smart people see through the lies.

That’s why fascists tell dumb people not to trust anything smart people say.

Dumb people don’t know they’re dumb, because they don’t even know how much stuff they don’t know.

They think they know everything there is to know, so they can’t even imagine that anyone could know more about a topic than they do.

That’s why they believe their uneducated opinion is just as valid as the opinion of an expert who studied a topic for years.

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Dumb people can’t tell the difference between dumb shit like creationism, and actual facts like evolution. They think if they don’t understand evolution, then no one understands evolution.

And when smarter people try to explain to them how much they don’t know about evolution, dumb people think those facts can’t be true, because they never heard about them before.

Add to that a voice whispering in your ear day after day that you are smarter than smart people, and you start to believe that you’re smarter than smart people, even though you don’t know shit about nothing.

And that’s why Qanon MAGA minions are anti-mask covidiots. They think they’re smarter than Fauci, because they’re so dumb, they don’t even know how much more Fauci knows about coronavirus than they do.

Fascists are extreme capitalists who exploit the masses for the benefit of the 1%. Fascist Republicans look at people as cattle. They don’t mind sacrificing a bunch of them to keep capitalism humming for the billionaires.

They just tell the other peasants to have more kids to replace the dead, and the herd of debt-slave laborers and consumers will keep growing.

Remember slavery? That was also extreme capitalism: exploiting the poor masses for the benefit of a few rich plantation owners. The 1%. The billionaires of the past. Robber barons. Slave owners who exploit the weak to enrich themselves.

The Confederate States were fascist.

All fascists hate democrats, because democracy takes power away from the dictator and gives the power to the people.

Fascists hate everything that gives peasants power, like unions, socialism, and higher education.

That’s why fascist Republican propaganda tells brainwashed peasants to hate democrats, colleges that teach you critical thinking skills, unions who fight for better working conditions, and socialism like universal healthcare and free college.

These are all things that help the working class peasants. And that’s why fascist robber barons hate those things.

The worse off the working class is, the lower the wages they’re willing to work for.

A work force that’s financially desperate is willing to work harder for less money. And that means more profit for the robber barons.

Corrupt Republican politicians are so beholden to fascist robber barons, they even tell the peasants to hate the very idea of a democratic government itself.


Because the job of a democratic government for the peasants by the peasants is to protect us from fascist robber barons like Trump.

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